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We have studied different experiments in transportation engineering. Asphalt stripping value is one the main test among these experiments.

The stripping value of bitumen or asphalt is obtained by means of visual experiment. The IRC (Indian Road Congress) explained the asphalt stripping value of aggregate should not be more than 25 percent.

What is the need of stripping value of aggregate?

You need to check the stripping value of aggregate before the construction of pavement. When you read the procedure for asphalt stripping given below, you could know there is a step to add water to coated aggregates. When you add water to aggregates coated bitumen, there is a chance for stripping the bitumen from the surface of the aggregate

This stripping happens when the adhesion of aggregates to water is more than the adhesion of aggregates to bitumen. So this should not happen. Therefore you need to check your aggregate stripping value.

What are the apparatus needed for asphalt stripping value of aggregate?

  1. Oven
  2. Sieves(Size of aggregate passing through 20mm and retained on 12.5 mm)
  3. Mixer
  4. 500ml beaker

Asphalt Stripping

Procedure for bitumen stripping value test

  1. 200 g of dry clean aggregates passing 20mm IS sieve and retained on 12.5 mm sieve are heated up to 150dgree when these are to be mixed with bitumen and the aggregates are heated up to 1000C when these are to be mixed with tar.
  2. Five percent by weight of bitumen binder is heated to 1600 coated and the mixture is transferred to a 500 ml beaker and allowed to cool at room temperature for about two hours.
  3. Distilled water is then added to immerse the coated aggregates.
  4. Then the coated aggregates are put into the jars with water. The stripping value test equipment is switched on after putting the jars tightly.


The result of asphalt stripping value of the aggregate test is obtained by visuals. You need to find out the percentage of the surface of stone that remains coated after the desired period.

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