Benefits of wood material for residential construction?

  1. Wood is a renewable resource. As long as we practice proper logging techniques, wood will be around for as long as the planet.
  2. Because it’s readily available. You will notice that places that have very little forests or other sources of wood (like the Middle East) do not use wood as their primary residential construction material. They used stone, concrete, bricks, or other types of masonry because those are the natural resources they have available. We have a lot of wood available, so we use wood.
  3. Wood is easy to work with. Really, you could use a single hammer and a handsaw to frame a house if you had to. It’s soft enough to cut easily but yet tough enough to handle hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds of force. You can easily drill it, shave it, screw into it, nail into it, glue it.
  4. Wood easier to modify in the future. Houses built out of masonry are more difficult to remodel let alone modifying things in the wall. To add a light switch in a masonry wall involves running a conduit on the outside of the wall or cutting a groove, inserting the conduit, and then plastering/repairing that groove. With wood stud walls you can often fish a wire down the wall and install a “cut-in” box. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.
  5. Wood has an excellent weight to strength ratio.
  6. Wood performs very well at retaining strength in a fire. One of the reasons steel studs have never caught on is because during a fire they fail quickly when they get too hot. Wood, on the other hand, will continue to have structural integrity until most of the stud/board is burned away.

uses of wood for residential purpose

These are the benefits and advantages of woods for residential construction purposes.

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