Do you know Why are Rollers present in the bridge?

Do you know Why are Rollers present in the bridge?

They are there to release any strains induced due to shrinkage or expansion of the bridge girder (primarily due to temperature, creep and shrinkage of concrete). If there were no rollers, then both the deck as well as the column / foundation (especially) would have to be designed for much higher loads.

They’re part of the design because the structural members of a bridge span expand and contract with variations in temperature. Rockers serve to support the span vertically while allowing for horizontal movement of its members.

Why are Rollers present in the bridge
But it is not necessary to have these rollers. Many designers opt for an integral bridge without any bearings as the additional costs are offset by easier maintenance (bearings are mechanical parts which need frequent maintenance) and higher structural safety due to increased redundancy in the structure.
This is why rollers are present in bridges.

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