Have you heard about Shotcrete? What are the Uses of Shotcrete?

What are the Uses of Shotcrete?

The uses of shotcrete are  listed below,

Uses of Shotcrete

1. It is useful where considerable savings and peculiar adaptability is needed and it is more suitable than conventional placing methods.

2. Shuttering and formwork need to be erected only on side of the work and hence there will be a considerable saving in the shuttering costs.

3. It can be conveyed over a considerable diameter pipe, makes this process suitable for sites where access is difficult.

4. The maximum rate of deposition is about 15 m3 hr for the dry process but this can be exceeded with the wet process.

5. The low water-cement ratio, the thinness of the section deposited and the fact that normally only one side of the concrete is covered, necessitates careful attention to curing more than with normal concrete.

6. The normal specifications with respect to cement, aggregate and water, also apply for shotcrete, but it is desirable that the aggregate should be harder to allow for attrition.

7. Admixtures can be used in shotcrete to produce the same effects as in ordinary concrete.

8. The drying shrinkage will depend on the water content and may, therefore, be expected to be fairly low for the dry process. The creep of the dry shotcrete is similar to that of high quality normally placed concrete but shrinkage and creep of wet shotcrete is likely to be high.

9. The durability or resistance to frost action and other agencies of dry shotcrete is good.

10. About half of the entrained air is likely to be lost while spraying.

These are the uses of shotcrete.

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