How do you construct a cheaper house in India?

Cheaper house construction in india

You can build economic house with GFRG technology.GFRG is one of the most eco-friendly and economic building material which is trending in India right now.GFRG construction will reduce your total cost of construction by 20–30% and it is also an eco-friendly material as it reduces the carbon footprint.

GFRG stands for Glass fiber reinforced gypsum.These panels are manufactured using phosphogypsum which is a waste material from fertilizer industry and glass fiber used as a reinforcement.Using this panels reduces the use of cement to a greater extent thereby indirectly reducing the CO2 emission from cement industries.

GFRG is a viable and tested method to construct economical homes:

This technology have been used by Australian’s since 1990’s only as walls.

Professors from IIT Madras made research and found out this technology can be used for all structural elements such as walls,floors and roofs in a building.They have built a 2 storey model house in IIT campus 2013 which was completed in 30 days for 6.5 lakhs/flat.

We, Cityrene Builders are Chennai based construction company building smart eco-friendly homes using Australian technology namely GFRG (Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum). Our homes are powered by solar, cooler by 4 degrees, generating its own drinking water out of thin air, recycling its own grey water and bio-degradable waste.

construct a cheaper house in India

About GFRG and how is it better than conventional building?

GFRG is of 12 m in length,3 m in height and 124 mm thick thus providing more carpet area.The hollow cavities inside the panel is filled with concrete to provide more strength to the panel.Every third cavity is filled with concrete and reinforced with steel.Other cavities can be filled with waste material such as Quarry dust or fly ash depending on the local availability to make them more economic and Eco-friendly.

Factories manufacturing this GFRG panels:

  1. FRBL-FACT RCF Cochin,Kerala
  2. RCF Mumbai

These panels are precast in factories,transported to construction site and erected with the help of crane.

Erection of GFRG panels:

construct a cheaper house in India

Advantages of using GFRG:

  1. Economic, can save upto 30% of the total cost
  2. Rapid construction
  3. NO beams or columns needed
  4. Eco-friendly
  5. Cooler upto 4 degrees
  6. Fire resistant upto 1000 degrees
  7. Earthquake resistant
  8. Light weight(43 kg/m2) hence low load transferred to the foundation
  9. Saves tonnes of cement and sand
  10. Reduces CO2 footprint
  11. Increased strength
  12. Greater life (Lasts upto 80 years, Conventional building lasts upto 50 years)
  13. Water resistant
  14. Less maintenance cost
  15. More carpet area (Usable area inside house)

Uses of GFRG:

  • As light weight load bearing wall
  • As partition wall
  • As compound wall
  • Cladding in industrial structures
  • Pitched roofing
  • Horizontal roofs/slabs

Certifications given for GFRG:

  • US Green building council
  • Ministry of housing development of India
  • Building materials and technology council
  • Indian institute of technology-Madras

By this method you can construct cheaper houses in india.

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