How to Remove Colour, Odour and Taste from Water?

How to remove colour, odour and taste from water?

The colour, odour and taste from water can be removed by aeration, treatment by activated carbon and use of copper sulphate.

1. Aeration

How to Remove Colour, Odour and Taste from Water

Aeration is the process in which water is bought in intimate contact with atmospheric air to promote the exchange of gases between water and atmospheric air.

  1. Carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and other volatile substances imparting taste and odour to water are easily expelled.
  2. Iron and manganese present in water are oxidized to a certain extent by aeration.


2. Treatment by activated carbon.

Activated carbon is used to remove colour, taste and odour from water by the process of adsorption. In adsorption, the high surface area is the prime consideration

Activated carbon can be applied for the treatment of water in two ways, the first one as filter media and second one is a fine powder feed.

3. Use of Copper sulphide

Copper sulphate CuSO4 is used for

  1. Removal of colour, odour and taste from water
  2. Control the growth of algae, bacteria and some types of aquatic weeds. It can be applied either in the distribution pipes or in open reservoirs.

These are the methods to remove Colour, Odour and Taste from Water. Hope you like this post.

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