Inverted Beams-Advantages and Uses of Inverted Beams

Uses and advantages of inverted beams

Regular beam itself becomes an inverted beam if the flange of the slab gets supported in the tension zone of the beam if it is simply supported beam or in the compression zone of the cantilever beam. Because, generally we find that the flange of slab is supported in the compression zone of the beam if it is simply supported beam or in tension zone if it is cantilever beam.

So, we found that in an inverted beam only the position of slab flange gets changed. This do not change the behaviour of the beam. The loading and design for inverted beam is just same as that of regular beam.

Inverted beams are provided to avoid it’s view in porch area or to have more head as per requirements. The girders provided for foot over bridges in railway stations are good examples of inverted beams. The girders are made inverted to get clear height available for electric wires and train.

Inverted beams


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