What are the benefits of interlocking bricks? Mud Bricks and Interlocking Bricks

What are the benefits of interlocking bricks?


benefits of interlocking bricks

Benefits of Interlocking Mud  Bricks.

Cement consumption will be less than the  brick work with cement mortar. Cement consumption  for One Cum conventional  brick  is 65kg ( brick of size 200mm x 100mm x75mm ). But for  Interlocking mud bricks it is 18kg to 22kg cemenet .Brick

Work  can be  completed  in fast track mode . In Houses constructed with Mud Bricks   Electricity consumption will be less , because of cool  atmosphere  inside. Making Every  Metric Ton of cement  generate  One Metric Ton of  Carbon Dioxide ( CO2 ). using interlocking bricks means  we are promoting Eco Friendly  Construction.

Benefits of Interlocking Cement Bricks.

Cement consumption  for  construction of  wall  will be same as  mentioned above.

This bricks will not be having any cooling effect  in houses constructed with Mud Bricks . Cement interlocking bricks  will be  costlier  than Mud interlocking Bricks.These are the benefits of interlocking bricks.

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