What is Hidden beams? Construction Technology

It is also known as “Concealed Beam”.

The Hidden beam is a means to describe the load dispersion on to supporting slab.

Hidden beams are generally inserted within the suspended slabs where slab thickness is considerable.

If the cantilever beam is with a HIDDEN beam it can not act as a pure beam and will only distribute the loads over the slab area and it can not be considered as simply supported one.

-In other words, “The hidden beam is not a beam and the only means to spread the concentrated load of the walls on the slab area. The Hidden beam is a virtual beam that was originated by some one to make use of the BEAM free head room.

*Hidden beam is provided between living and dining spaces right angle to each other. This gives a neat

and level ceiling surface that is good for the look.

Structurally it creates a spanning problem, as spans for structural support are at right angle to each

other. This means one slab structurally rests over the other.

Hidden beam between balcony and room is very common to facilitate easy inclusion of balcony into room space later.

These are the uses and advantages of hidden beams

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