Which is the biggest branch of civil engineering? Is it Structural Engineering ?

Mtech courses for civil engineering

The most influential branch or MTech courses for civil engineering is given below according to ranks in various university.

1- Structural Engineering:

The engineers responsible for structural analysis and design, making sure the structure is stable and maintaining it’s state of equilibrium against external conditions.

2- Geotechnical Engineering:

The engineers that are mainly concerned about soil mechanics, foundations and retaining structures. Any structure wouldn’t surface the earth without the works of a Geotechnical Engineer. Whether it’s:

  1. Soil sampling and boring
  2. De-watering
  3. Retaining slopes
  4. Groundwater level measurement
  5. Seepage
  6. Designing proper foundations, shallow or deep

3- Irrigation and Hydraulics Engineering:

Egypt being an agricultural country and having The Nile crossing the middle of our lands; we have a great number of irrigation structures. These engineers are responsible for building and maintaining these structures whether they are:

  1. Dams
  2. Spillways
  3. Aqueducts
  4. Siphons
  5. Culverts
  6. Rivers
  7. Canals (major and minor)
  8. Irrigation systems providing lands with enough water for irrigation
  9. Regulation of water levels in water structures all year

You think skyscrapers are cool! How about a dam (Aswan High Dam) holding 180 metres of water behind it, preventing a whole country from flooding. Pretty cool, right! And that’s just the largest in Egypt!

Mtech courses for civil engineering

4- Environmental Engineers:

I believe there are a lot of principles regarding Environmental Engineering, but the main concern of a Civil Engineer would be:

  1. Water/Wastewater Treatment
  2. Designing both water and sewage pipe networks
  3. Designing Water/Wastewater Treatment Plants
  4. Water Desalination

Having clean water running through your taps everyday, quite important I think!

5- Transportation Engineering:

Reaching one point to another safely whether its a couple of metres, kilometres or even reaching another continent. You can go by car, railway or by ship. These engineers are the ones responsible for allowing people to reach there destinations safely. They construct:

  1. Highways
  2. Rail roads
  3. Ports

And also responsible for developing all the signs that help guide you through your route and land surveying.

I don’t believe there is a Civil Engineering branch that is more superior to another, they all compliment each other in a way. But if there is, it’s definitely not structural.

These are the MTech courses for civil engineering students.

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