Why don’t we use stones in buildings today, just as British did 100 years back?

Why Not Stone?

There are practical reasons​ of not using stone over brick, cement, concrete and other contemporary building materials like steel, glass, boards, metals etc.

  1. Stone is not available everywhere. Where it is available locally, it is used in construction. But at other areas, it would have to be transported for long distances, hence making it costlier and environmentally polluting to use.
  2. Stone wall would take more space than a normal brick wall, like double or triple and would increase the load on the structure of building and cost.
  3. When RCC ( framed structure)was not invented, load bearing construction was prevalent meaning roof’s load was taken by walls and not by column-beam frame of modern times, so stone being the good in compressive strength was the best for load bearing construction but it took lot of space.
  4. More habitable space is made with the use of brick walls and framed structures these days.
  5. Time – Stone work is slow and difficult for masons while brick and concrete are faster and easiest. Stone masons are not as easily available and cheap as brick masons.
  6. We are advancing towards a civilization where we want more open spaces, free plans, bigger spaces without hindrances which is possible with new technologies of steel, RCC and glass and hence stone has lost the edge over these new possibilities.

These are the reasons that why we dont use stones to build house today

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