Will the Cybertruck be useful for construction workers?

A. For lots of us, yes.

Image: AV Design

Image: Electrek

“After work” — Image: TMZ


It depends on the type of construction.

My team does Intelligent Transportation System Installations and Maintenance during highway construction.

It is perfect for us.

Here is what we need:

  • Fast acceleration and braking to stop on the highway shoulders quickly and safely, and then re-enter the highway when the job is done.
  • A sturdy body that will not get hurt by the weeds and trees that grow on the roadside.
  • Excellent traction control that will help us get stopped and started in the mud and dirt construction roads and shoulders.
  • Lockable storage for our gear.
  • Power for our tools and to charge our test gear, phones and computers.
  • A good bed organization and securing system—which the Tesla has.
  • Good bed and interior lights for night work.
  • Ability to tow trailers that typically weigh about a ton or two.
  • Ability to recharge trailers.
  • Glass that won’t crack every time snow plough discharge or a rock hits it.
  • Lots of room inside for the guys, our luggage, and boxes of parts.
  • Adjustable suspension.
  • Power to run aftermarket warning light bars.
  • A ramp to roll small trailers into the bed.


UPDATE on 2/22/20:

There have been some disagreements on the Cybertruck prices in comments. So I am posting a screen shot from Tesla’s website today, 2/22/20:

While it has been said in comments that the prices have been moving around—I think this is what has been on the website all along. From my memory anyway.

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