Penetration Test of Bitumen-Definition and Procedure of Asphalt Penetration test

In this post, I am going to teach you how to do penetration test of bitumen as per IS: 1203 – 1978.
The penetration of a bituminous material is the distance in tenths of an mm, that a standard needle would penetrate vertically, into a sample of the material under standard conditions of temperature load and time.

penetration test of bitumen
Which are the apparatus required for penetration test of bitumen?

  1. Penetrometer
  2. Water bath
  3. Bath thermometer – Range 0 to 44oC, Graduation 0.2oC

Penetration Test of Bitumen

Sample used for bitumen test

Bitumen should be just sufficient to fill the container to a depth of at least 15mm in excess of the expected penetration.

Procedure for penetration test of bitumen

  1. The bitumen above the softening point (between 75 and 100oC) is softened. It is stirred thoroughly to remove air bubbles and water.
  2. It is poured into a container to a depth of at least 15mm in excess of the expected penetration.
  3. It is cooled at an atmospheric temperature of 15 to 30oC for 2 1 hrs. Then it is placed in a transfer dish in the water bath at 25.0 + 0.1oC for 2 1
  4. The container is kept on the stand of the penetration apparatus.
  5. The needle is adjusted to make contact with the surface of the sample.
  6. The dial reading is adjusted to zero. Is adjusted.
  7. With the help of the timer, the needle is released for exactly 5 seconds.
  8. The dial reading is recorded.
  9. The above procedure is repeated for thrice and the medium of there experiment will give us the penetration value of this bitumen test

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