Guide to Rate Analysis for Construction Purposes and Civil Works

If you have a desire to build a new home, the very first thing that you are going to check is your bank balance.But the problem is, you don’t have enough knowledge about the construction costs of your new home according to your plan.Here, you can hire an engineer for doing rate analysis for construction purposes and relative civil works.

When you come to planning, the major things that you cannot avoid is materials and labours.So you need to know, how much cost needed to finish one unit amount of work, number of equipment, labour.These civil works are briefly described below.

These charges vary from one place to another.These charges are calculated using the standard schedule of rates.Each country has its own rates and if you want to know about your country, please search on the internet.

Rate Analysis for Construction Purposes

Types of Rate analysis of civil works

1.Cost of materials of your buildings.

The materials are the main part of the rate analysis for construction purposes.You can find the total cost of each item by, multiplying the quantity of material with the cost of the single item.

For example, if you want 10 doors for your dream home and the cost of each door is 3000 Rs (50 us dollars).Then the total cost of the material would be 30000 rs ( 500us dollar).Hope you learn it.

But the total cost of your doors also includes transportation charges and Taxes depending on your region or country.

2.Cost of Labour.

The cost of the labour is another important factor in your rate analysis for civil works.The labour charges vary with their experiences, quality and region.

The different types of labour available to you are skilled, unskilled, Mason, Mazdoor, carpenter, painter etc..The labour cost is calculated by wages officially announced by the government.It also relies on productivity and quality of labour.

3.Quantity and types of equipment.

There are other works which you cant depend on your labours to do, Such as digging, compaction, piling etc..These works can be done only with the help of equipment or machines.The cost of this equipment can be calculated in terms of working hours.

4.Overhead cost during construction.

When you deal with a construction activity, the rate analysed should not be fair as we calculated.There are some additional charges that would happen to you.

For example, the cost of material can be changed during construction time or construction may be stopped due to environmental or weather conditions.

The permissible limit of these variations should be within 5 percent of total cost and 1 percent of water surcharge should be added to these costs.There are direct and indirect overhead costs.You can read more about the overhead cost in below link.

  1. List of overhead costs during construction activities.

5.Profit of the construction purpose

The main aim in the perspective of a constructor is profit.The profit range of construction activity is about the 10 percent of the total cost of work.It should be added to each unit of work done by the contractor.By adding all these you can find the rate Analysis for Construction Purposes of your building.

You can purchase estimating software from the linked website.


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