Transporting of Concrete-Different Methods and Machines Used for Concrete Transport

You know that, For the desired strength of concrete, the compaction and placing are important factors. But between these two process, you need to transport your concrete from mixing place to its final destination.

There are several methods and equipment available for concrete transport without losing its quality

Methods of Transporting concrete

1.Mortar Pan

Carrying concrete in the mortar pan is one of the common methods of transporting concrete used in the construction site. These mortar pans are used mostly in the same ground levels transporting.

Concrete transport

Mortar pan can restrict the segregation of concrete. The only disadvantage is there will be a chance for hydration of cement from the pan as the pan is open to the atmosphere.

So before using the pan, you must spray some water over the pan to reduce the tendency to hydrate and decrease temperature. You need to take care especially in low humidity and hot weather environment.

2.Ropeway Concrete Transporting

Ropeways are generally used for large construction purposes. This method can be used where simple methods such as mortar pan, wheelbarrow are not feasible.

Buckets are fixed in ropeways and these movements are controlled by cable and pulley arrangement. Ropeways can use for vertical and horizontal movements. This method is mostly used in dam works, bridge piers, valley construction purposes etc..

The bucket is hinged to ropeways, the discharge of concrete can be done by tilting the bucket.

3.Wheel Barrow.

Concrete transport

The wheelbarrow is also commonly used for transporting of concrete. They are used for concrete transport on the same ground levels. Pneumatic tyres are for wheelbarrow in order to reduce the vibrations. These vibrations can cause segregation to the concrete.

4.Truck Mixer

For large concrete works, Truck and dampers can be used for the mixing the concrete. These trucks are also can be used for transporting the concrete. As they can travel to any part of the work site, they have little advantage over the above equipment. But truck mixer is not economical for small projects.

Transporting of concrete

These truck and dumpers have a capacity of more than 4 cubic meters. These machines are widely used for road construction works.


Chutes are used for transporting of concrete from a higher level to lower level as shown in the below figure. The movements concrete in the chute is done by pure gravity and chute has a sloping channel.

Transporting of concrete

The design of chute is done in such a way that neither separation nor segregation takes place. Also, the chances of occurring segregation are very higher, so chute is not usually not recommended.

6.Belt Conveyors transporting of concrete

Belt conveyors are used for concrete transport at the same level. They are used for limited applications. Belt conveyors have very high segregation formation chances at transfer points.

Concrete transport

Also when transporting concrete in long stretches of the belt, there will be a chance for hydration of cement before placing of concrete. Portable belt conveyors are available, the end arrangement of portable conveyors should be in such a way that it should prevent segregation and remove all mortar.

7.Concrete Pumps

There are many advantages of concrete pumps over other methods. Concrete pumps can transfer concrete simultaneously without any delay. They are mostly used for high rise building construction.

The concrete pumps are carried over a truck. The concrete pumps can lift its cylinder like a crane. One side of the cylinder sucks the concrete from mixing area while other end put the concrete at a higher level.

By this method, you can achieve a constant flow of concrete. A crane and bucket system can lift only one bucket at a time

I hope you can understand transporting concrete. If you have any doubt please comment below.

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