5 Important Terms and Definitions in Engineering Mechanics Everyone Should Know

As you already know that, Engineering mechanics is the prime subject that deals with your design problems in civil engineering.As a civil engineering still you don’t know most of the terms and definitions involved in the engineering mechanics.Don’t worry I am going to teach you each and everyone.

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  1. What is Classical Mechanics or Newtonian Mechanics Types-Statics, Dynamics, Kinematics and Kinetics

Engineering mechanics is the branch which deals with the state of motion or rest of particles by the action of forces on bodies.

Important terms and definitions in Engineering Mechanics


terms and definitions in Engineering Mechanics

A particle is a body which has small and finite mass but the dimensions can be neglected.Particles are small localized object which varies in size from atom to electrons to small powders to granular materials.They are small localized objects.They can use to create models depending upon the density of the particle.

2.Rigid Body

Many times, you have heard about a rigid body.Rigid bodies are solid body which does not undergo any deformations under the application of forces is known as a rigid body.Actually, solid body is not a rigid body, but we can assume it as a rigid body.


The matter is any physical substance that has mass and volume(occupies in space).


Continuum is defined as continuous non-spatial which has no empty spaces and no part is different from the adjacent parts.


Mass is a measure of inertia.The mass of the body is the quantity of matter contained in the body.The SI unit of mass is kg.

These are the important terms and definitions in engineering mechanics.If you like this post, don’t forget to share and also read other articles on our website.

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