Nitrogen Content Present in Water-Quality Parameters

Nitrogen Content Present in Water

Nitrogen Content Present in Water indicates the presence of organic matter.Ammonia causes organic decomposition.There are four stages of decomposition.The source of water contains many compounds.Nitrogen is main compound which determines water quality parameters.

Nitrogen Content Present in Water


Presence of ammonia indicates thats its a fresh sewage or recent pollution.Permissible limit is 0.15mg/L .To know the amount of ammonia present in the water,boil the water which will cause the release of ammonia gas.

2.Organic ammonia

It is a second stage of nitrogen content present in water or second stage of decomposition of ammonia.We cannot know the amount of organic ammonia using simply boiling the water.To know the amount of organic ammonia add KMNO4 to the boiled water and boil it again.The ammonia released will be the organic ammonia

If KMNO4 is added to cold water the ammonia released during boiling will be the sum of free ammonia and organic ammonia.

Kjeldhal Ammonia=Free ammonia(NH3) + Organic ammonia

3.Nitrite (NO2)

It is highly reactive,the presence of nitrite should be zero in water

4.Nitrate (NO3)

Nitrate is stable and highly dangerous to humans.It caused problems to babys.Nitrate absorbs oxygen present in the stomach and nitrate will be converted into nitrite causes blue baby diseaseThe maximum permissible limit of ammonia is 45mg/L.The excess ammonia causes bluebaby diseases.

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