Traffic Volume Data-Definitions and Different terms used in Traffic Volume data

The collection of traffic volume data is the vital step in traffic engineering.In traffic engineering, you need to deal with different terms used for the traffic volume studies.

Here I am going to give several terms and definitions used in traffic engineering during the presentation of traffic volume data

Terms used in Traffic Volume Study

1.Average Annual Daily Traffic(AADT)

Average annual daily traffic is the average daily traffic volume recorded for all 365 days of the year.They are recorded using automatic counters.

2.Average Daily Traffic(ADT)

The average daily traffic is similar to average annual daily traffic.In average daily traffic, voume is recorded for a duration less than a year instead of 365 days.The duration may be 6 months, a season, a month, a weak etc..

traffic volume study

3.Variation Charts

The variation charts give the variation of flow (hourly, daily, seasonal).The variation charts help to determine the peak traffic flow at various hours in a day.For example, by analyzing this variation, you can adjust the amount of time required to change the colours of the traffic signal.

4.Trends Charts.

Trends charts show the volume trends over the period of years.Trends charts help us to analyse the rate of growth of traffic.This helps you to plan transportation facilities for your future generations.

5.30th highest hourly volume.

30th highest hourly volume is the hourly volume that is exceeded only 29 times in a year and all other hourly volume remaining will be less than this volume.

Normally, Highways are designed based on the 30th highest hourly volume.It is satisfactory from facility and economic point of view.

6.Peak Hour factor

Peak hour factor is hours at which highest traffic flow occurs.Design of transportation facilities in urban transport infrastructural projects is based on the peak hour factor.

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