What are the advantages of marble flooring over tiles?

Marble flooring is durable, scratch- free and have the tenacity to withstand the tussle of little footprints that kids bring throughout the home.

These are moisture resistant so easy to clean with warm water and dish soap on a daily basis and highly recommended a sealing protection to make floors shiny.

Advantages of Marble Flooring:

  • For hot climates, marble flooring is favourable as one feels relatively cold underfoot.
  • The joints of marble tiles can be easily matched.
  • Marble flooring is extremely durable and long lasting, it can withstand any external pressure, and any sudden change of weight can easily be handled by this material. Thus it is very suitable for high traffic areas such as restaurants, hotels, etc. Tiles are not suitable for high traffic area.
  • Marble Flooring creates a very significant aesthetic for interiors.

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