Which are some of the most innovative structural designs?

Mexico city Earth Scraper:We have seen  many skyscrapers which look like they are about to touch the sky. Earth scraper is opposite to that, going very deep into the earth.

An architecture firm in Mexico City, BNKR Arquitectura, is working on  the idea of building an inverted pyramid in Mexico City’s 190,000 ft.² ( 17,652 m²) historic main public square and center, Zocalo. Around this square are some of Mexico City’s most well-known monuments: the Cathedral, the National Palace, and the City Government buildings.

The idea for “Earthscrapers” came about when architects were seeking to increase the space available in this historic square. The only way to do it and meet stringent building and preservation criteria and preserve was to build an underground structure.

BNKR architects chose the inverted pyramid due its ability to maintain structural integrity. The Earthscraper will descend nearly 1,000 feet (304m) below the surface and potentially house up to 100,000 people.

The Earthscraper is considered an innovation in architecture, but it is not without its skeptics. The concept has merits in trying to deal with large city issues like population growth, limiting urban sprawl and maintaining open spaces. But because the idea is so new, there are no laws or guidelines for building downward in a city area and unforeseen problems could arise that could jeopardize the surrounding historic buildings.

Here are some of the pictures:

Scary: The core is all made of glass to ensure that all parts of the building receive natural sunlight from the world outside.

Relaxing: Designers expect the public areas of the building to become a popular destination for those wishing to escape the bustle of the city.

Heritage: The earth-scraper is expected to contain a museum and cultural center which will explore the history of Mexico and its pyramids.

Modern: Much of the building is expected to be devoted to office space

Connected: This picture shows the proposed metro station which would pass through the earth-scraper just below ground level.

Today: The plaza, shown as it looks currently, would be transformed by the radical plan.

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