10 Factors You Should Check During Site Selection for Reservoirs and Dam While Surveying.

The hydroelectric project is the most used method to generate electricity all over the world.Dams or reservoirs are the structures which are used to store water in the stream.Today I will teach you about the tips for site selection for reservoirs and dam

As you are a civil engineer, you once have heard about three gorges dam in China.Three Gorges dam is world biggest hydroelectric dam.But do you ever think of how these are constructed or what are the procedures for selection of a site for reservoirs?

Dams are artificial lakes, they need careful planning, designing and operation.According to the purpose, the reservoirs are classified into

  1. Conservation or storage reservoir
  2. Flood protection reservoir
  3. Distribution reservoir.
  4. Multipurpose reservoir.

Site Selection for Reservoirs and Dam

10 procedures for selection of site for reservoirs during dam surveying?

  1. The first point you have to consider is the geological conditions of the land.Tha percolation losses of the catchment should be less.Is should maintain maximum runoff.
  2. Suitable dam site should exist and the infiltration rate of soil should be less.
  3. The reservoir should be in a place such that the quantity of leakage should be less.
  4. The site should be deep as possible because less land is required, less evaporation and less reduction in water spread area.
  5. The rock should not have high permeability.The types of rocks such as shales, gneiss, slates are commonly selected for the dam construction.
  6. The price of real estate for the reservoir, including roads, relocation, dwelling must be less as possible.
  7. The topography of the reservoir should be such that it should maintain required capacity without submerging excessive land and other properties.
  8. The valley to the reservoir should avoid carrying a high percentage of silt to reservoir or dam.
  9. The rocks and soil should not contain any minerals or salts which are harmful to the concrete construction of the dam.
  10. You should have a proper idea about the chances of the earthquake in that places.

Hope you learned about the procedure you wanted to do during the selection of site for a reservoir.

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