Factors Affecting Duty in Irrigation-Water Resource Engineering

Factors Affecting Duty in Irrigation

The Six Factors Affecting Duty in Irrigation are described below.It totally varies with water requirement of crops.

Factors Affecting Duty in Irrigation

1.Type of crop

Different crop requires different amount of water – duties different.Crop requiring more water will have less flourishing acreage for the same supply of water as compared to that requiring less water.

Duty for a crop requiring more water and vice versa.

2.Climate and season

Factors Affecting Duty in Irrigation includes water lost in evaporation and percolation

Losses vary with season

Duty varies from season to season, and also from time to time in the season.

3.Useful rainfall

Some of the rain falling directly over the irrigated land –useful for growth of crop – less irrigation water required to mature the crop.There are different types of rainfall or precipitation.

More useful rainfall less will be the requirement of irrigation water, and more will be duty.

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4.Type of soil

The permeability of the soil under irrigated crop is high, water lost due to percolation will be more –hence duty will be less 

Sandy soil –duty less

5.Efficiency of cultivation Method

If cultivation method (including tillage & irrigation) is faulty and less efficient in irrigation, resulting in the wastage of water –duty of water will naturally be less

If the irrigation water is used economically, duty of water will improve, as the same quantity of water would be able to irrigate more area

Cultivators should be trained and educated properly to use irrigation water economically

6.Methods and system of irrigation

Perennial irrigation system – soil is continuously kept moist, and hence water required for initial saturation is less.

Inundation irrigation- there is a wasteful use of water, Hence the perennial irrigation system has more duty than the inundation irrigation

Flow irrigation system – lower duty – conveyance losses in the network of canals 

Lift irrigation system –higher duty in irrigation.

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