Desalination and Its Method in Water Treatment Process

Desalination is the process of converting saline water into fresh water. Here we are discussing about the methods of desalination. The desalination can be done by distillation, reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, freezing, demineralization, and solar evaporation.

Different methods of desalination


The most commonly used method for converting saline water to fresh water. Saline water is boiled or evaporated. The vapor is condensed which gives fresh water.

2.Reverse osmosis.

methods of desalination

Water is forced across a semi-permeable membrane by mechanical force


Salt ions are removed from saline water under the impetus of an electric current.


The temperature of saline water is gradually lowered until ice crystals are formed. These are free of salt and can be separated. The ice crystals when melted give fresh water.


Salts are removed from water through the use of ion exchangers.

6.Solar evaporation

Solar energy is utilized to convert saline water into fresh water.

These are the different methods of desalination in the water treatment process. Hope all you liked this post.

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