Difference between Light Transmitting Concrete and Normal concrete

What is light transmitting concrete?

Light transmitting concrete or transparent concrete or translucent concrete is a concrete (made of rich raw materials, low cost and simple production)based material with light-trans missive properties, obtained by embedding optical fibres in it. Light is conducted through the fibre from one end to the other.

Optical fibres transmit light so effectively that there is virtually no loss of light conducted through the fibres, without light-heat, light-electrical or photochemical process, and photo elastic effect.This type of concrete can be installed at average cost of construction and increasing the visual appearance.

What is light transmitting concrete?

The mix and materials used are similar to that of ordinary mix except 3–5% of materials is replaced by volume using optical fibre. The cement used is 43 grade portland cement, regular aggregate is used. The optimum water cement ratio is found to be 0.5. The compressive strength of the concrete is said to increase with 4 % of replacement of materials by volume. The fibers are inserted on required paths during casting itself.

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