Different Types of Durability of Concrete

Types of Durability

There are many types but the major ones are:

Physical durability of concrete

Chemical durability of concrete

1. Physical Durability

Physical durability is against the following actions

· Freezing and thawing action

· Percolation / Permeability of water

· Temperature stresses i.e. high heat of hydration

2. Chemical Durability

Chemical durability is against the following actions

· Alkali Aggregate Reaction

· Sulphate Attack

· Chloride Ingress

· Delay Ettringite Formation

· Corrosion of reinforcement

Causes for the Lack of Durability in Concrete

1. External Causes:

Extreme Weathering Conditions

Extreme Temperature

Extreme Humidity


Electrolytic Action

Attack by a natural or industrial liquids or gases

2. Internal Causes

a) Physical

· Volume change due to difference in thermal properties of aggregates and cement paste

· Frost Action

b) Chemical

· Alkali Aggregate Reactions

i. Alkali Silica Reaction

ii. Alkali Silicate Reaction

iii. Alkali Carbonate Reaction

· Corrosion of Steel

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