Dock Engineering-Marine Engineering

Dock engineering which deals with docks and slipways etc.For the growth of economy of a country the goods are exchanged with the other country in ports.Also they serves as the resting place for the ships


  • Mainly used as a resting place for boats and ships
  • Commercial purpose such as loading and unloading of goods and repairs
  • Not for shelter
  • Well protected than a harbour
  • During the discharge period, the ship should not be subjected to vertical movement by tides


  • Wet docks
  • Dry docks

Wet docks

Dock Engineering
Dock Engineering
  • Docks which are used for berthing of vessels to facilitate loading and unloading of passengers and cargo
  • Also called harbour docks

Dry docks

  • Docks which are used for repairs and painting of vessels


  • slipway also known as boat ramp or launch, is a ramp on the shore by which ships or boats can be moved to and from the water.

Arrangements of basins and docks




Dock entrances

1.Wooden or iron gates


  • Sliding caisson
  • Ship caisson

Sliding Caisson

  • Box shaped steel structure stiffened internally with proper bracing
  • Provided with steel keels sliding on smooth granite floor
  • Instead of keels, caissons could be moved on rollers and rails
  • Entrance is opened by hauling the caisson into a recess provided in the side of the dock
  • Caisson also serves as a bridge across the dock entrance

Ship caisson

  • Constructed of steel with stiffeners at proper intervals
  • Floated into position and sunk into specially prepared grooves in the dock sides

Classification of docks

1.Facilities in fixed form

I.Dry dock

II.Railway dry dock or slipways

III.Lift docks

2.Facilities in movable form

I.Floating docks



Dredging-Types,Maintenance,Use and Operation

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