What is the use of Mbook in construction field?

Use of Mbook in the construction field.

Mbook is the short form of the Measurement Book.

It is used for making payments to the contractor.

The payment to the work done by a contractor is made based on the Measurements of work done by the contractor.

It basically consists of 3 main terms length, breadth, depth.

For example, let a contractor has laid a slab for a building and he wants the payment.

The length, breadth and depth of the slab will be recorded in Mbook and quantity will be calculated as some X cum. The contractor will be paid according to the rate agreed in the agreement bond as so many Rs.per cum.

Any big contractor would give work back to back to Subcon for a decent profit margin if the contractor knows other party is competent in completing the task.

For concreting works, Length, Breadth & Depth of structure would be noted down and quantity of concrete work done by sub- con would be measured and verified by Site Engineer.

In the case of shuttering work done by a sub-con, ( Length x Breadth) of shutters would be noted and the area in Sqm would be calculated and paid.

In case of Cutting, Bending and Fixing of Reinforcement, Site engineer has to Prepare BBS manually in MB and has to calculate the quantity of steel used in the structure in (Tons).

These are the uses of mbook in construction field.

What is mbook in construction field

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