How can we become a project manager after a diploma in civil engineering?

Project manager after diploma

  1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Approach
  2. Strategical Thinking and Risk Analysis
  3. Project Planning – Master Plan Generation
  4. Project Management Procedures Used for Construction Industry by Big MNC’s and Construction Companies of India and World
  5. Role of Project Manager in Construction Industry
  6. Project Budget Preparation with all factors analysis in Hand
  7. Actual Situation Comparison with Budget Amount
  8. Progress Monitoring with the Key Indicators Strategy
  9. MS Project Basics – Scheduling
  10. Project Coordination Techniques with Accounts , HR , Purchase and Procurement Departments with easy solutions
  11. Management Information Generation
  12. Modern Building Construction Trends Execution Plan & Strategy Building
  13. Resettlement and Rehabilitation (R&R) for speedy progress of work
  14. Quality Assurance with Total Quality Control Planning
  15. Site (Field) Management Techniques used by Project Managers at Site
  16. Management of Emergencies in High Rise Buildings
  17. Self Inspection for Quality Construction at Site
  18. Cost and Time Controlling Strategies used for Construction Projects
  19. Cash Flow Monitoring – Budget Vs Actual Comparison
  20. Green Sheet Report – Profit and Loss Determination for Construction Projects
  21. SWOT Analysis for Construction Project
  22. JIT Implementation in any Construction Project
  23. Earned Value Management (EVM) in Construction Project.


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