Do you know what are the advantages of high rise building?

High rise buildings have the following advantages:

1.Vertical expansion means they can accomodate more residential / commercial space per square meter of ground floor than single storey buildings which take up more ground floor or land.

2.They are suitable for highly populated or overpopulated countries where there is a shortage of land.

3.They are suitable for countries with limited land, for example island countries such as Japan, Trinidad and Tobago have limited space for radial or horizontal expansion. In Japan, shortage of land is solved by building manmade islands (filling) which is stabilized for building.

4.The overall cost of land, preliminaries, foundations and roofing is much lower for high rise buildings when compared to single storey horizontal developments of the same magnitude.

5.High rise buildings offer much better security to tenants than a ground level development which provides multiple points of access for intruders. More security is often required for a single storey complex.

6.High rise buildings release more space for other CBD developments, reducing travelling distance within a location.

7.Last but not least, cities with modern high rise buildings are spectacular to watch from a distance. Travel and tourist agencies usually include cityscapes in promotional materials.

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