Building Construction Permit in India-How can you get it?

Building Construction Permit in India

 Permits change from state to state.  The license depends on the location where you mean to build.

For example, if you plan to build in City and Towns, the authority of issuing building permit lies with the Municipalities. In a similar way, if it is in a village, it lies with the panchayat department. Any location that doesn’t fall in municipality or panchayat lies with the Directorate of Town and Country Planning DTCP and Mandal Revenue Office.

In some locations, the State or Central Government form a body for developing a particular area to bring investors.  The National Capital Region in New Delhi, Cyberabad Development Authority in Hyderabad, Special Economic Zones, Industrial Development Areas are some examples of such bodies.  The government doles out few subsidies in form Tax-free on materials purchased for construction purpose, VAT free, less sales-tax etc.

By this way you can achieve permit for building construction in india.

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