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This test is determine the fineness of cement samples by dry sieving

Fineness of cement
Fineness of cement

Fineness of Cement

It is the measure of total surface area of cement.For finer cements,surface area will be more.Fineness influences the rate of hydration, rate of strength, rate of strength development, shrinkage, cracking, bleeding and also the cost of cement.


90 micron IS Sieve.

Weighting balance sensitive


1.Break down any air set lumps in the cement sample with fingers

2.Weight accurately 100gm of cement in a plate.

3.Place it in a standard IS 90 micron sieve,

4.Sieve continuously until no more fine materials passes through it.

5.Weight the residue

6.Repeat the procedure for two or more samples.



1.Weight of the sieve  =       gm

2.Weight of the sample taken,W1=        gm

3.Weight of the cement retained on IS 90 micron  sieve + Weight of cement retained W2 =       GM


4.Fineness of cement =       W2/W1 * 100     =   The result is in percentage.

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