Use of Soundness test of Cement.

One of the major test for cement is soundness test.Soundness test The test is used for finding the capacity of cement to regain its volume after it is hardened.

You know that, the apparatus used for soundness test of cement is le chatelier apparatus.

Uses of Soundness test of cement

By Soundness test of cement we can find the volume expansion of cement after it gets hardened.

By performing soundness test on cement we can find-out the volume expansion of cement (this test is conducted to check “unsoundness of cement”)

  1. Volume expansion in cement mortar or in cement concrete is caused by the presence of unburnt lime (CaO), dead burnt MgO and also CaSO4.
  2. By Le-chatelier method we can only find out presence of unburnt lime (CaO).
  3. Presence of unburnt lime may develop cracks in the cement because of increase in volume.
  4. Free lime (CaO) and magnesia (MgO) are known to react with water very slowly and increase in volume considerably, which result in cracking, distortion and disintegration

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