Uses of Rice Husk Ash in concrete construction

Rice husk ash is used in concrete construction as an alternative of cement. The types, properties, advantages and uses of rice husk in construction is discussed.

The rice paddy milling industries give the by-product rice husk. Due to the increasing rate of environmental pollution and the consideration of sustainability factor have made the idea of utilizing rice husk.

The reasons behind the usage of rice husk as an alternative for cement in concrete manufacturing are explained in the following sections.

To have a proper idea on the performance of rice husk in concrete, a detailed study on its properties must be done.

Uses of Rice husk ash

About 100 million tons of rice paddy manufacture by-products are obtained around the world. They have a very low bulk density of 90 to 150kg/cum This results in a greater value of dry volume.

The rice husk itself has a very rough surface which is abrasive in nature. These are hence resistant to natural degradation. This would result in improper disposal problems.

So, a way to use these by-products to make a new product is the best sustainable idea. Among all industries to reuse this product, cement, and concrete manufacturing industries are the ones who can use rice husk in a better way.

Applications of Rice Husk Ash

The rice husk ash is used as a green supplementary material that has applications in small to large scale. It can be used for waterproofing. It is also used as the admixture to make the concrete resistant against chemical penetration.

The main applications or uses of rice husk ash in the construction are:

  • High-performance Concrete
  • Insulator
  • Green concrete
  • Bathroom floors
  • Industrial factory flooring’s
  • Concreting the foundation
  • Swimming pools
  • Waterproofing and rehabilitation

These are the uses and applications of rice husk ash.

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