Which types of concrete are used in different structure?

The different types of Concrete generally used in typical Construction of structures are as follows:

  1. Sulphate Resisting Concrete (SRC)/ Plain Cement Concrete (PCC) – Used for non structural works such as Blinding, Screeding and Protection works. Generally this is low strength concrete with a Mix design of M15 or M20.
  2. Microsilica Concrete – Typically used for Substructure Construction. Microsilica Concrete is generally preferred for elements in contact with soil or water. This type of Concrete is preferred in Rafts, Basement Slabs, Piles and Pile Caps, Retaining walls etc.
  3. High Strength Concrete – This type of concrete does not have any special additive but is designed for load bearing elements such as Columns, Shear walls, transfer beams etc. Mix designs may vary from M45 to M70 based on strength requirements.
  4. Waterproof Concrete – In this type of concrete, a waterproof admixture is added to concrete during batching to impart waterproofing properties in concrete. This type of concrete is used for water retaining structures such as water tanks, swimming pools etc
  5. Cement Concrete for Reinforced members – This is the most general type of concrete used for all other concrete member including beams, slabs, staircases etc. They generally do not have any special property but can be customized based on site requirement such as workability can be increased by superplasticizer to make self compacting concrete and other methods can be adopted to make air entraining concrete, light weight concrete and many other various types.

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