How is brick veneer cladding done for an external wall?

“You may have an idea of what brick cladding is – you may even know a bit about how to install thin brick veneers. For those of you who don’t aren’t familiar, however, let me explain what brick cladding is. Brick veneer is a thin decorative covering made from either manufactured brick or real clay brick tile. Most of it is used for the outside of a wall structure. Read on to learn more about brick cladding options.

Brick clad, or brick cladding can redecorate your dull walls in a variety of ways. For exterior brick cladding, you can opt for our thin clay brick veneers. These brick tiles are sliced from the real antique Chicago bricks and offer colors that work for any external brick cladding project. Artificial red bricks are also a very popular choice for dressing up your interior walls. You can use these thin brick tiles for face brick cladding, exposed brick cladding, or even a brick kitchen backsplash.

The benefits of brick veneers:

  • Lightweight
  • Wide array of brick colors
  • Easily installation
  • Comes direct from the brick factory…”

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