Which cement is used in underwater concrete ?

Under water concrete contains three ingredients: sand or gravel, water, and cement to hold it all together. The type of cement used for most construction, including underwater construction, is Portland cement. Made from heated clay and lime, Portland cement is the secret to concrete’s ability to set underwater. The Roman invented underwater cement and one can still see the concrete that was manufactured two thousands plus years ago.

We should use Portland-pozzolana cement (PPC) for any type of underground construction works.

During the construction of bridges, dams or any structure where the foundation is most likely to lie underwater, the underwater construction is opted.

During underwater Construction, the main objective is to create dry and water free environment for working so that the stability of the structure is balanced.


Weight of 1 kg cement bag – 50 kg.

Volume of 1 kg cement bag – 0.035 cum. m

Weight of 1 cum. m of cement – 1440 kg or 28.80 bags.

Density of Cement – 1440 kg/ cum. m.

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