Composition and Characterestics of Porcelain Floor Tiles

Porcelain floor tiles are manufactured using porcelain material.Porcelain is high-grade ceramic material, which has white color and it may be soft or hard.

The porcelain floor tiles are zero percentage of water absorption.Porcelain tiles have glazed tile surface are used tilling on the floors and walls.

The porcelain floor tiles consist of dispersed clay such as feldspar and kaolin.These clays are heated at high temperatures.Then the heated clay is covered with colored substance or transparent glaze.At high temperature, the clay particles fuse together and form a hard and vitreous mass substance.

The quality of porcelain floor tiles is increasing with increase in temperature because the formation of voids will be less.The final product will be free from high porosity and ensures a better product.

porcelain floor tiles

Types of porcelain floor tiles

There are two types of porcelain tiles

1.Soft Porcelain floor tiles

They are made from white clay to which flint is added.

2.Hard porcelain tiles

They are made from china clay.Quartz and feldspar are added to the china clay as a filler material.

Characteristics of porcelain tiles

  1. They should have less water absorption.Because water absorption decreases the strength of the tiles
  2. They should possess good refractory material.
  3. They should hard and glazed.Because tiles must withstand the loads acting on them.Glaze increase the aesthetic appearance of the building.
  4. Porcelain tiles should resist the electrical conductivity of the material.Because if there is any mistake electrical contact with the tiles.The electricity will flows in all direction from tiles to tiles and it will cause great problems for peoples.

Other uses of porcelain materials.

They are used in sanitary wares, reactor chambers and electrical insulator.


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