Heat Resistant Bricks-Fire Clay or Fire Brick

Heat resistant bricks or Fire brick

When we begins to plan a construction works,safety is an important criteria that we cannot avoid.While selecting building materials,similar to strength safety plays a vital role.In this post, iam talking about heat resistant bricks such as fire brick.

We studied about different classification of bricks and defects in bricks in the later posts

Actually the name of brick is fire brick,the raw material used for the making of heat resistant bricks is known as fire clay.These bricks are resistant to high temperatures.The heat resistant bricks such as fire clay brick are also called as refractory clay.In their name itself,fire brick posses great resistant to heat

The ingredients involved in the fire clay brick are silica ( 55-75 %), alumina ( 20%) ,iron oxide,magnesium and lime.The refractory of brick is proportional to the amount of silica content.

fire brick

Fire clay brick have the capability of resisting temperature of about 1700 ºC without softening.But large amount or percentage of iron oxide and lime reduces the refractory properties of fire brick.The fire clay is used for the production of high resistant bricks known as fire brick

These high resistant bricks are used for the manufacturing of hollow tiles, lining, furnace etc..These bricks ensure better quality of bricks.

How heat resistant bricks or Heat resistant bricks are manufactured?

The process involved in the production of heat resistant bricks is same as that of ordinary bricks.They are heated or burnt at very high temperature in kilns.Flint clay,grog and soft fire clay are used as raw materials for the production of heat resistant bricks.

What are the properties of fire brick?

The minimum compressive strength should not be less than 3.5 N/mm².

The properties of heat resistant bricks are colour is whitish yellow or light brown.

The water absorption varies from 4-10%.

What are the Uses of Heat resistant bricks?

They are used in ovens,kilns,blast furnaces,boilers and chimneys.


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