Slump Test of Concrete-Cone Test Procedure | Workability of Concrete

Slump test procedure is to determine the workability of concrete.

One of the major problems that you had faced in your field work is concrete compaction during mixing.After mix design, you may have doubt, is this design will be ok?

Yes, your design willl be ok in terms of strenght point of view of concrete.But the main problem arises when the mixing of fresh concrete, the compaction of fresh concrete will be very tough.In this situation, you can add some plasticizers without affecting your water-cement ratio or cement-aggregate ratio.

Before adding plasticizers or superplasticizers to your fresh concrete, you need to check the workability of your concrete.The slump test is used for checking the workability of concrete.Let us check how can we do slump test of fresh concrete.

Apparatus used for cone test procedure

 1)Measuring scale

 2)Tamping rod

 3)Base plate

 4)Nonporous base plate

 5)Mould for slump test.


Slump Test of Concrete
Slump Test of Concrete



 1)Clean the internal surfaces of the mould and apply all.

 2)Place the mould on a smooth    horizontal non-porous base plate

 3)Fill the mould with the prepared  concrete mix in 4 approximately  equal layers

 4)Tamp each layer with 25 strokes of the rounded end of the tamping rod in a uniform manner over the cross-section of the mould.For the subsequent layers, the tamping should penetrate into the underlying layer.

5)Remove the excess concrete and level the surface with a trowel

6)Clean away the mortar or water leaked out between the mould and the base plate

7)Raise the mould from the concrete immediately and slowly in the vertical direction

8)Measure the slump as the difference between the highest of the mould and that of the highest point of the specimen being tested.

The slump is the vertical settlement measured shall be recorded in terms of millimeters of subsidence of the specimen during the test.

Mix Proportions

Cement content=    kg/m3

Water cement ratio=  

Fine aggregate content=         kg/m3

Coarse aggregate content=      kg/m3

Coarse aggregate content=       kg/m3

Quantity of material to be taken for the present casting.

Weight of cement=           kg

Weight of water=         kg

Weight of fine aggregate=        kg

Weight of coarse aggregate=        kg

Weight of coarse aggregate=       kg

Slump measurement

Initial reading=         mm

Final reading=         mm

Slump measurement=       Final –  Initial


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