Vee Bee Test-Definition and Procedure | Workability of Concrete | Consistency of Concrete

Vee bee test is used to determine the consistency of concrete. The test determines the consistency of concrete using a Vee-Bee consistometer.

This is achieved by measuring the time required for transforming by vibration, a concrete specimen in the shape of conical frustum into a cylinder. This is a good laboratory test, particularly for very dry mixes.

What is the need of workability test of concrete?

Workability is the amount of internal work to obtain a necessary full compaction while preparing fresh concrete or you can also say that it is the ease which a concrete can be mixed, transported and compacted. The consistency test of concrete is one of the important tests in the concrete slab.

Apparatus used for workability test of concrete

  1.  A vibrator table resting on elastic supports
  2.  A metal pot.
  3.  A sheet metal cone, open at both ends
  4.  A standard iron rod.

    Vee Bee Test
    Vee Bee Test

Procedure for workability test of concrete( Vee bee test)

These are the various steps involved in vee bee test procedure

  1. Place the slump cone in the sheet metal pot of the consistometer and fill it with fresh concrete as described in the slump test.
  2. Move the glass disc attached to the swivel arm and place it just on top of the slump cone in the pot
  3. Note the position of the concrete cone by adjusting the glass disc attached to the swivel arm.
  4. Lift the cone and note the slump on the graduated rod by lowering the glass disc on top of the concrete cone.
  5. Switch on the electrical vibrator and allow the concrete to spread out in the pot. Continue the vibration until the whole concrete to spread out in the pot. Continue the vibration until the whole concrete surface adheres uniformly to the glass disc.

To determine the consistency by using vee bee apparatus. Note the time taken in seconds to attain this and express the same in Vee-Bee degrees. The degree of workability in vee bee test is classified based on the time taken in seconds as shown in below figure.

Workability test of concrete


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