What is the field importance of the slump cone test?

This test is applicable for the check of workability of the Concrete.

Workability of concrete :- Workability is the amount of work to produce full compaction.

  1. The important factors in connection with workability area :- If more water is added to attain the required degree of workmanship , it results into concrete of low strength and poor durability. If the strength of concrete is not to be affected , the degree of workability can be obtained.
  2. By slightly changing the proportions of fine and coarse aggregates , in case the concrete mixture is too wet and
  3. By adding a small quantity of water cement paste in the proportions of original mix , in case the concrete mixture is too dry.
  • The workability of concrete is also affected by the maximum size of the coarse aggregate to be used in the mixture.
  • The workability of concrete is affected mainly by the water content, water cement ratio and aggregate cement ratio.

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