What are the softwares a civil engineer wants to know?

Most important software that every Civil engineers should know:

Autocad : it’s use for making plans of any construction like making plans of building, bridge, dam etc.

Excel: execution, surveying, planning, contracts, budgeting, designing, quality control, quantity estimation, you name it. Everyone uses MS Excel. All sort of calculation are done on it. It’s easier to interpret the data or modify it as per need in Excel.

So many softwares are now available but it’s depends upon which filed you choose.

For structural analysis


softwares a civil engineer wants to know

FOR project planning

  • Primavera
  • Ms project

For 3d modeling of structure/Architecture

  • 3ds max : in this you can design the model of whole city.
  • Maya

For geotechnical work

  • Geo studio: used for analysing slope stability, ground water seepage, stress deformations
  • Geo5 : used for Excavation design, Shallow foundation and deep foundation design, stability analysis, settlement analysis
  • FLAC3D: advanced geotechnical analysis of soil, rock, and structural support in three dimensions.

You don’t need to learn every software, as i told you its depends upon the filed you choose. So for now learn autocad and Excel only rest depends upon your filed interest.These are the softwares a civil engineer should know.

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