What Is A Rock Drill?-Definition, Equipments and Mechanism of Rock Drilling Machines

When you describe an item as “solid as a rock,” it is usually in a positive manner. The representation is that item will withstand numerous falls and knocks. For anyone new to a rock drill, the phrase may only obtain a lot of questions that once answered can help you to understand the equipment better.

What types of rock drills is it? Is that rock is vertically or horizontally oriented? Boulders, gneiss, cobble and sandstone are just a few of the many types of rocks you may find during your projects. A rock drill is a powerful tool that penetrates these rocks to make construction, well digging, mining and other projects possible.

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As a contractor and presented with the numerous rock drill components like from TEI Rock Drills, you want to choose the right drilling equipment based on rock type, diameter of the hole, depth of the hole, drilling conditions and other factors.


Rock Drill Mechanisms

It is necessary to note that the drill never cuts through rock.  For the above applications to be successful, a typical rock drilling equipment produces four different mechanisms namely:

  • Impact
  • Feed force
  • Rotation
  • Flushing


During the impact mechanism, the piston moves up and down. Rotation is usually performed on the return stroke in the anti-clockwise direction. The feed force determines the penetration rate, which is crucial for all drilling applications. Flushing enhances the penetration rate. It can be done using water or air.


What are the types of rock drills?

The rock drill is part of the larger drilling system that comprises the rock drill, drilling rods, feed equipment, cuttings disposal equipment, bit, supports and power source. The most popular types of rock drills are hydraulic and pneumatic, briefly described below.

1.Hydraulic Rock Drills

This rock drilling machine uses pressurized hydraulic fluid to create the drilling force. Its core components are rotation motor, striking piston, drilling parameter control and shock absorber piston. Others are rotation gears, flushing fluid intake and drill steel adaptor. You will find this equipment in drilling, construction and similar work sites.


2.Pneumatic Rock Drill

what is rock drill

Pneumatic rock drill technology has a long history, initially being introduced by NYA Atlas in the 1900s. This machine runs on the power of compressed air and has the compressor, valve and the drill itself as the most essential components. Use the equipment for drilling holes, setting anchors, scaling and many others applications.

3.Electric Rock Drill

types of rock drills

This is the main category types of rock drills.Until recently, electric power for drilling was rare because of challenges associated with this technology, for instance, expensive repairs. Its advantages over the other versions may be appreciated if the focus is on massive loss by radiation, condensation, or pipes and fittings required; whereas, installing an insulated electric cable is simple and cheap.

Get the Best Rock Drill

The contention between different types of rock drills used to be clear-cut. Electrical drills featured immense versatility, pneumatic ones were stronger, and hydraulics offered impressive power-to-size ratio. As technology advances, each of these drills has improved significantly.

Today’s rock drill environment stretches drill design to the limit demanding the highest level of technology in areas such as heave compensation and power distribution systems. Combining different drilling technologies gives the perfect drilling equipment.

Need assistance choosing the best rock drill? TEI Rock Drills offers rock drills with efficient performance, high impact rate and lower flushing/turning when making the holes. A fantastic team is also available to help you understand the technologies in detail.

Hope you can learn what is a rock drill, its mechanics and types of rock drills used for this purpose. If you have any doubt regarding this company or this topic, please comment below.

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