Types of Bricks-Classification of Bricks

Bricks are the major building material used for taking compressive load acting on it.Types of bricks are done based on the field practice,usage and finish

If you dont know the classification of bricks based on the different shape of bricks and defects in bricks.Please read it.

Types of bricks for construction purpose

1.Classification of clay bricks bases on field practice

We know that clay is basic building material of clay bricks.The clay bricks are classified into first class,second class,third class based on their physical properties and mechanical properties.

a.First class clay bricks

First class clay bricks are red deep in colour.The texture is smooth and the surface should be smooth and rectangular.First class bricks should be free from cracks and stones.

b.Second class bricks

They are red deep in colour and surface should be smooth.In second class bricks,small cracks are permitted and the crushing strength should not be less than 7 N/mm².

c.Third class bricks

This types of bricks are underburnt.Third class bricks are soft and light colour.Third class bricks produce a dull sound when strike with each other.

d.Fourth class bricks

This classification of bricks are distorted in shape and are overburnt.Forth class bricks are brittle in nature.

classification of bricks

2.Classification of bricks based on the use

In the above section,we studied about types of bricks based on field practice.Here we are going to read about classification of bricks based on the use of bricks.Lets start.

a.Common Bricks

They are manufactured with the criteria of economy.They are made in multi-purpose manufactured unit.They are used for filling walls of the strength,so they have high durability and strength.

b.Engineering Bricks

Engineering bricks are strong and durable.This types of bricks are used in the load bearing structures.They have definite limits for the absorption of water.

c.Facing bricks

The primary use of facing bricks is to give more aesthetic appearance to the structure.This type of bricks give more preference to color and texture.They are not load bearing bricks.

3.Classification of bricks based on finish

In the above two sections we learned about the classification of bricks based on the field practice and use.Here we are going to learn about types of bricks based on finish.Finish means surface pattern of the bricks. 

types of bricks

a.Rustic Bricks

Rustic bricks are mechanically textured finish and varying pattern

b.Sand faced bricks

Sand faced bricks has texture surface made by sprinkling by sand inside the mould.

4,Types of bricks based on the manufacturing method

Hand Made

Machine made



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