Mechanical Properties of Building Materials

As we discussed about physical properties of building materials,today we will learn about the mechanical properties of building materials.Building materials are the basic modules in construction.

Mechanical Properties of Building Materials

The important mechanical properties of building materials are strength,tensile,compressive,bending,elasticity and plasticity.We will learn how each properties affect the construction materials.


Strength is a familiar property for every engineers.Strength is ability of material to resist against the stress caused due to the load acting on the building material or structure.

The strength varies with type of loads acting on structure.If the load is compressive,the concrete strength will be more.But at the same time,the load is tensile,the strength will be less.This is due to the concrete is good in compression but bad in tensile.

For buildings having higher cohesive property,the strength will be more.So we can say that,The strength property varies with the type of materials and type of loads acting on the structure and other various properties


Hardness is another important properties of building materials.Hardness is defined as the ability of material to resist penetration against harder body is called hardness.Hardness is measured by mohs scale.Mohs scale consist of hardness of 10 minerals arranged in the increasing order of hardness.

Hardness is measured using hardness testing machine.The figure of hardness is shown in below.

Building Materials


Elasticity of material is the ability of the material to restore its original dimension after applying a load on it.With in the elastic limit the material will restore its property.But after the elastic limit,the material starts to deform continuosly.The stress-strain curve will explain more about the elastic property of materials.

The shape of stress-strain curve is different for every material.The ratio of stress to strain is called modulus of elasticity.


Plasticity is situation after elasticity.Plasticity is the ability of material to change its shape under load without cracking.

Examples of Plastic materials are steel,copper etc…

These are the Mechanical properties of building materialsl

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