Different Shape of Bricks-Brick Shapes for Construction

Brick is a major component of a building construction.There are many types of brick shapes currently available in the market.These brick shapes are used to improve the aesthetic appearance of the building

Brick shapes

The brick shapes can be classified into different types they are

1.Bull nose brick

Brick shapes
BullNose Bricks

Bullnose brick is the brick with one rounded angle.The connection formed when a wall finishes a turn is called quoin.Bullnose brick are used to make rounded construction purpose.This is one of the commonly used brick shapes.If two sides of the brick is rounded then it is known as double bullnose bricks.The bullnose bricks is shown in the above picture.

2.Channel bricks

Channel bricks
Channel Bricks

Channel bricks are made in the shape of channel.The channel bricks are used for drainage purpose.The Channel bricks is shown in the above picture.

3.Cow nose bricks

Cow nose bricks which are moulded with double bull nose on both ends are called cow nose bricks.

4.Hollow Bricks

Hollow Bricks

Hollow bricks are also known as cavity bricks.Hollow bricks have a wall thickness of 20cm to 25cm.Hollow bricks are the most used brick shapes in construction.

5.Curved bricks

Curved bricks are in the form of curved sector.Curved Bricks are commonly used in the construction of circular pillar.

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