What is Water Softening process:Softener Installation,Methods and Resins

Water softening process

Water softening process is done to remove the hardness of water.It is done to improve the quality of water.The quality of water should be checked before distributing through water supply system.

The hardness can be find out by this method.

water softening techniques

Water softener Methods

1.Boiling of wwater

It is water softener methods of water softening techniques.By boiling temporary hardness caused by calcium can be removed.We cannot remove the temporary hardness caused by boiling which is caused by magnesium.

Ca(HCO3)2= CaCO3 + CO2+ H2O

CaCO3 will precipitate out

In case of magenesium

Mg(HCO3)2=MgCO3 +Co2 +H2O

MgCO3 will not precipitate.It is soluble in water.

2.Treating with excess lime.

By this water softner method we can only remove temporary hardness.Permenant hardness cannot removed by this method.

3.By using Lime soda process.

It is another method of water softening techniques.By using lime soda process the permanent hardness can be removed.By lime soda process(chemical treatment),complete removal of hardness cannot be obtained.About 40mg per litre of CaCO3 and 10mg per litre usually remains in softened water.This get accumulated inside the pipe and causes corrosion.This is called increstation of pipe.

CaCO3 and Mg(OH)3 are insoluble in trace causing increstation of pipe.It is necessary to convert the insoluble traces to solube.This

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