Traverse Surveying-Types of Traverse Surveying

Traverse Surveying

The type of survey which involves a number of connected survey lines and form a frame work is called traverse surveying.

In traverse surveying the length and direction of any survey line can be measured with any direction measuring instrument such as compass,theodolite and for measuring length chain or tape can be used.The traverse survey are again classified into chain surveying, chain and compass surveying(loose needle method),plane table traversing and transit tape traversing(By fast needle method and measuring of angles between the lines) and plane table traversing.

types of traverse surveying

Types of Traverse Surveying

1.Chain traversing

Chain traversing is the simple method in types of traverse surveying.The whole framework of survey is done with the help of chain and tape only.

2.Chain and Compass traversing.(loose needle method)

traverse surveying

Linear measurements are done with help of chain or tape.The bearings can be measured with compass.Both fore bearing and back bearing are observed at each station.

3.Transit type traverse surveying.

  1. Fast needle method

                       In fast needle method, a theodolite fitted with a compass and tape are used.The magnetic bearings of lines are measured with magnetic meridian.It is more accurate compared to loose needle method,because least count of theodolite is more than a compass.

     2.By measurement of angles between lines

                       In this types of transit traversing,using theodolite angles between the lines are directly measured and framework is constructed.This is the most accurate of all these methods.



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