What are the most common mistakes during the rough phase of construction?

Common mistakes during the rough phase of construction

During the crazy, rough phase of construction – usually the concrete work of substructure, we as construction professionals tend to overlook the little things that could end up backfiring and delaying the project.

  1. The necessary paperwork – daily logs, weekly logs, monthly logs of the project process have to be a routine.
  2. The safety gear – is something we often overlook in the midst of the chaos. We have workers not wearing the safety shoes or goggles to protect themselves.
  3. Other safety considerations – often, workers tend to be too worked up in their own jobs to be mindful of the violations they may cause if they injure themselves. They often lean into the leading edges or look directly at welding operations. They may forget to replace broken safety gear. Some may even forget to cap some exposed rebar ends. Field inspections on a regular basis during the working day is imperative.
  4. Mindfulness of the public and traffic. If like me, you are commandeering in a deeply set urban environment like NYC, you have to realize the pedestrian and traffic safety cannot be ignored. Barrier tapes, jersey barriers have to be positioned properly during rough construction hours. Flagpersons have to be well trained with the necessary signals and must be able to communicate effectively with the public.
  5. Rigging has to be kept in top priority during material deliveries. The inspection has to be conducted scrupulously, or accidents are bound to happen.
  6. Like NYC, other tight urban construction sites, have adjacent neighbors who can be a pain in the pancreas for all the stakeholders of the project. In some dire cases, they won’t leave a stone unturned to get your site a Stop Work Order. Their complaints will be plain violations for you. As a precaution, usually vibration and optical monitoring play a vital role in case of future lawsuits. Forgetting or damaging the monitors can bite your project badly later on.
  7. Ego clashes. Being a relative noob in my profession, I have much more experienced foremen and laborers working under me. Often, they tend to ignore my commands and that leads to several ego issues through the project length. A cordial relationship with your men is important. They certainly have experience, but they have to respect your ideas as you hold the responsibility for the operations.
  8. Generally, construction authorization is required everyone to have and keep their OSHA cards and other specialized cards when any authority comes by to check. You have to ensure that all your people have the required authorization or you risk a Stop Work Order.
  9. Housekeeping with respect to the materials on the site is very very important. These include accounting the equipment, the fire extinguishers and ensuring they are operating at their full capacity. As the site dynamic changes, so do the site safety plans. Keeping up to date with that helps to avert any small glitches to the project.

These are the common mistakes during the rough phase of construction.

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