Does plastering with steel mesh improve its durability?

Placing a mesh beneath plastering helps to avoid cracks on the plaster surface. It should be placed at following places, where the possibility of crack development are high:

  1. Joint of RCC and brickwork – due to improper construction practices, sometimes the adhesion between the types of material is not strong and results in long cracks along the joint.
  2. Over concealed conduits – if you are going for concealed electrical wiring, I suggest that you place mesh over the grooves cut in the wall after putting in the conduit pipes. If not done, there are high chances of cracks developing along the cut groove. If you wish to avoid placing a mesh along the groove, fill the groove with a material like Birla levelplast before plastering to avoid cracks.

Using steel Mesh in plaster where the is Joints between two different surface for example RCC and blockwork is very important, It reinforce the plaster and reduce minor cracks in plaster which relatively increase life of structure.

Reason is as different material have different coefficient of expansion and contraction it create tension and compression of Plaster.

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